Become a Web Developer

UNH Coding Boot Camp equips learners with the core skills needed for a career in
web development and technology.


UNH Coding Boot Camp equips learners with the core skills needed for a career in
web development and technology.
Become a Web Developer

The need for web developers continues to increase, and at UNH Coding Boot Camp, we teach you the key skills to tap into this rewarding industry. Through a cutting-edge curriculum, skilled instructors, and an in-person classroom experience, students will learn the fundamentals of front-end and back-end web development.

  • Learn the latest skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Java, Express.js, React.js, Database Theory, MongoDB, MySQL, Git, and more.*
  • Build a wide-ranging portfolio of projects and web applications to showcase your knowledge.
  • Study part-time while maintaining your work schedule.
  • Access UNH’s Coding Boot Camp career services to support your transition into web development.

    *The material covered in these courses is subject to change due to market demand.

Coding Curriculum Languages

At UNH Coding Boot Camp our web development classes touch on a broad range of programming languages. You’ll work with interactive coding tutorials where you’ll train with and be exposed to the following coding languages:

  • Front-End Web Development

  • HTML 5 Web Development

  • Node.Js Coding

  • JavaScript Coding

This program is offered through UNH Professional Development & Training, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, Inc.

About Trilogy Education Services
Trilogy Education Services Inc. partners with universities to prepare participants for high-growth careers in the Digital Economy. Over thirty of the world’s leading institutions collaborate with Trilogy to bridge the gap between employers’ needs and participants’ skills.

  • Students in our program will learn the most in-demand front-end and back-end technologies relative to their market, such as: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MERN stack, and Java.
  • Students participate in experiential learning opportunities, providing access to new employment possibilities.
  • Students have access to career services including coaching, recruitment support, portfolio reviews, technical interview training, and resume support.
  • A Certificate of Completion from UNH Professional Development & Training, showcasing your accomplishment to future employers.
  • Graduate with a robust set of hard and soft skills to help you stand out in today’s market.
  • A robust portfolio of projects to show your mastery of the web development topics covered throughout the program.

Learn more about our program by exploring the curriculum, diving into the classroom experience, or reading student testimonials.

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